Pretty in Pink | Capsule Collection

Pretty in Pink | Capsule Collection

In light of me SERIOUSLY neglecting the FASHION section of my blog – this post is all about my recent AND rediscovered fashion loves. I’m digging out some of the old and showing off – and of course hooking YOU up with links to the new. This is all part of a gorgeous ‘Pretty in Pink’ capsule collection… (excuse the terrible posing – models are expensive). 

PINK. I think pink gets a lot of hate out here in girl world: and i’d just like to clear something up… There’s nothing wrong with embracing it. From magenta to pastel: there will always be something SOMEONE has to say about PINK. I’ve rejected it myself countless times. It was either too out there OR too feminine OR too, well BARBIE. But here are some subtle and sophisticated ways to embrace this love-to-hate colour. Deny it as you will – pink can be flattering, sexy and understated. Don’t believe me…

Here are some new finds that i’ve recently added to my pink collection. THEY couldn’t be MORE sophisticated and effortless – all depending, of course, on how well you can walk in STILTS…

This gorgeous twist on a court heel, with T bar detailing was hiding in the ZARA sale. They are the perfect, understated addition for anyone wary of going all out ‘Pink Lady’. They look picture perfect when paired with a simple dress – or anything WHITE for the Summer months. These heels are gorgeous and the price is EVEN BETTER. £15.99.

ALSO in Zara I picked up a pink leather jacket – reduced to £39 AND a gorgeous quarter sleeve pink dress with backless bow detailing. THEY ARE gorgeous and very Gossip Girl esque. AND as far as other new things I picked up a gorgeous and simple pink crop top in TOPSHOP which looks effortless paired with ANYTHING high-wasted  

The last few things i’ve got for you are OLDER – but i’m sure you can find dupes out there in the sales if you want to and you look hard enough. The first is a gorgeous white and pink strapless midi dress from ASOS. 
SECONDLY a beautiful JACK WILLS sale find – strapless and slouchy with pockets – but nipped in at the waist. A great shape and an even better price of around £30 – amazing for such an extortionate brand. 

WELL – the moral of this post is, get your PINK on. Don’t be afraid to embrace being young and feminine. Embrace flirty florals and pastel pinks while you still feel this good. 

Katy xoxo

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