5 Easy Steps | Towards Feeling Good

5 Easy Steps | Towards Feeling Good

It’s no secret that we are ALL our own biggest critics. 
Sometimes you NEED a pick me up. If you’re stuck in a rut the ONLY person that can really make YOU feel better is YOU. For the big things, you have to help yourself. Here are some of the simple steps I take when I feel like i’m moving backwards. Steps to make you feel like ‘you’ again. I don’t claim to be an expert in SELF help – but I am an expert in getting by; aren’t we all? Sometimes no pressure can be just as destructive as high-pressure and it’s difficult not to LOSE yourself in the mess of mundanity. If you’re like me and you can sometimes get clouded -maybe this will help you. 

I was recently in a situation where I had to make a decision. To continue to max myself out, fixing the unfixable OR to take a step back and remind myself what i’m really trying for. I told myself “NO more steps back”; and since then, that has been my mantra. You need to breathe and recalibrate what it is that made you sure of yourself in the first place. Who it is you love. Why they love you; and what the point of all this REALLY is. 

Step one. Detox – your mind, your body, your outlook. Do something you enjoy – have a cup of tea,  watch some Netflix – OR a motivational YouTube video. Get chilled and get empowered. It’s important to find your station before you can navigate to where you really want to be. All journeys are different lengths; but they all start in the same place. Maybe that place IS in your bed with a cup of tea and Gossip Girl? You never know- but you definitely won’t find that place unless you take the time to look. 

The next thing I do to help me clear the void is to make a list. I write down all the things that are making me foggy – slowing me down – AND all the things that are important and make me the ME I want to be. Getting it out of the mist and onto a page makes it real and MAKES a resolution possible. THIS all sounds a little bit ‘Self help for Dummies’ but honestly – get it out there, onto the paper, and out of your head. 

                                  FOR ME I am motivated a lot by success – even if it’s a small one. the very slightest achievement OR recognition for something can really brighten my day. IT means a lot when someone gives you a compliment – tells you something that makes you feel better; I TRY to be that person for other people, complimenting strangers OR commenting on articles. But sometimes YOU need a little help along the way too. Set yourself a target; even if it’s a small one LIKE I don’t know, finishing that book you’ve started – it will help. 

“IF you feel like you’re achieving things, no matter how small, or how selfish – YOU will feel empowered and back in control”

                                       Remember, if you feel down – only you can REALLY get yourself out of it. But other people can help; just as much as you try to help them. GET BACK OUT THERE! Surround yourself with people who love you. People that you REALLY care about too. Make memories and make plans – rebuild what your own insecurity has broken…

No more steps back, 

Katy xoxo

11 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps | Towards Feeling Good

  1. aw thank you! Thought i'd try to write something a bit different. Aw wow thank you so much Alina – I definitely will have a read, thank you so much! xxx

  2. Aw thank you SO much Julie, I actually just filled this out, but I will add your name to my nominees – lots of love.

    Away to read yours now!

  3. This is a lovely and very inspirational post. Whenever things start getting a little crazy I like to just lay down and close my eyes. Making a list also helps … actually, it DOES help and I'd be lost without all my lists!! ( I'm very forgetful 😛 )


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