Make Up Storage | Organisation

Make Up Storage | Organisation

I love being organised. 
Not that I can always stick to it. There is no better feeling than de-cluttering. Your life AND your make-up. Here’s how I keep all my make up bits in order (kind of). For me, organisation is key. Like I said in my previous post… Check it out guys… getting organised gives you a better perspective on things. 

OKay, so i’m not trying to preach it to you that tidying out your make-up bag will profoundly impact your life – BUT it might impact how you feel today, and for me, that’s good enough. Here are the simple ways I keep my vanity deck looking neat and sweet – at least on the surface. We can’t be perfect! 

It’s important for me – number one for hygiene – number two for beautification that my brushes are on show. For the longest time I stored them in amongst make up clutter at the bottom of bags or lost in drawers. THAT was no way to get the best out of them- it was impractical and, when you think about it, pretty grim. Have you ever looked at the very bottom of your make-up bag? Imagine that on your face… pause for spontaneous ‘bleh’. HERE is a very practical AND if I do say so myself rather creative way of storing your brushes (as pictured above). Prior to this I swapped out a pretty patterned mug for a brush holder – but this CK alternative is beautiful on my vanity. 

AS for LIPSTICK. Until very recently they were stored in a little trinket box. BUT as you can see my collection is growing and its expansion has called for a mini homeware haul. I think my hinting has been well and truly noted as mum came home last week with this gem from TK MAX. It’s a beaut lipstick stand. Not only does it keep me organised AND stop me losing products – the gaps make it a little more obvious! BUT it also looks gorgeous, especially against my mirrored unit. It was only a cheeky £6, which I thought was a bargain price – and an excellent gift for any beauty geek. Muji also offer alternatives. 

Make up addiction isn’t healthy. AND neither is lying. So here is the rest of my clutter – I couldn’t hide it from you, and why should I? NOBODY’s perfect. We all have a bit of mess, especially when you have THIS many cosmetics. Here I have used a gorgeous biscuit tin AND an old shoe box to create storage. I have to say, if you can find a pretty shoe box at home, think before gifting it to the recycle BIN. THEY really can come in handy. I just stack these bad boys on my unit AND it all looks pretty good in the end. 
SO, turns out i’m not really that organised… BUT, fake it till ya make it gals. 

Katy xoxo

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