Primark Accessories | Style Steals

Primark Accessories | Style Steals

ALL HAIL Primark; queen of effortless, wallet friendly accessories. 

I am VERY guilty of splurging when it comes to accessories. It’s HARD to resist the allure of TOPSHOP and ZARA statements. They are both BEDAZZLING for their rhinestones and their price tags… ON a recent trip to Primark I found some accessories to challenge the MORE HIGH-END highstreet alternatives…
SO, here are my top finds (the blouse is also a cheeky Pri-mani purchase). 

1) I picked up this gorgeous necklace for around the £5 mark. 
2) AND these gorgeous hair scrunchies for 2 quid each. 

AS YOU know if you read my blog, for me it’s all about the statement necklace. WELL Primark have a collection that will ease your bank statement ASWELL as your accessory addiction. THIS gorgeous pastel cluster looks gorgeous against all background; neutral and youthful. IT is a total dupe for more high-end alternatives AND is totally on trend. The perfect bend of subtlety and stand out. 

THE beauty of cheaper stores like Primark is in the application. IF you wear head to toe bargain, people will catch on. SELECTING well priced pretties like this and pairing them with statement items further up the price ladder- vintage to Versace – WILL make the CHEAP appear luxurious. THAT is how the true bargain queens look chic and save dolla. (TOP TIP). 

I also picked up some floral scrunchies. THIS is a more subtle, and affordable, alternative to the FLOWER CROWN trend. If you’re shy of going all out Midsummer night’s Dream – these are perfect – and for only £2 it’s a really basic way to add a feminine touch to an up-do or ponytail. Instantly chic. 

SO, that’s why I love a bargain – and that’s why YOU should give Primark another try – go on, have a rake – I dare ya! 

Katy xoxo


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