Birthday Haul | Lucky Girl 19

Birthday Haul | Lucky Girl 19

You know when you wait for a bus and none come THEN all of a sudden two come at once… Welcome to my BLOG. I have returned from my untimely leave of absence with some treats for you. WELL, for me. I turned 19 last week AND, in spite of me being entirely ill equipped to enter my last year as a teen, I was delighted with my day. 

I had a lovely time celebrating with my beautiful little family AND a brilliant night of bubbly and boogying with my gorgeous pals. BUT I know what you really want to hear about – and i’m sure the picture up there has it covered. The birthday fairy did NOT disappoint. I thought i’d share some of my favourites with you. 

The beauty addicts amongst you will have skipped passed my attempts to look arty in this picture – upping the brightness to perfection! AND headed straight for the make-up. My gorgeous grandma got me this little gem – a MAC voucher. Trust me… It won’t last long! I adore MAC, but it’s generally a little out of my price range (a lot) so grandma has gifted me something amazing – guilt free spending! Something that is well overdue… (how excited is everyone for that student loan to kick in next month?).

Both my boyfriend and my mum picked up the same hints and got me the new Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Dream’ perfume… Not that I was hinting at all OF COURSE. I now have both the handbag miniature and the full sized daisy – i’ve got the set! They perfume is lightly fragranced with summery tones and comes in the most elegant packaging. Here’s a link to Becca Rose telling you all about how fab it is. 

My mum is great at this birthday business. She knows just how to pick out the little details and go the extra mile. I’d like to think i’ve inherited some of her attention to detail. She’s a lovely lady. ANYWAY she got me some daisy accessories to match up with my gorgeous new scent. A beautiful floral cluster ring from Pandora and the matching daisy earrings – I haven’t taken them off since I got them. They are beautiful and so thoughtful. Perfect. 

The last thing is probably my favourite. I love Kate Spade; from her phone cases to her handbags. This range is one that I have admired for a long time. The beautiful cut out bangles are all equipped with their own messages. The silver one (my one) just reads ‘Find the Silver Lining’. This is such a powerful message to me and one that I have always tried to live by. It’s a beautiful reminder of what’s really important to me. It also sits half way up my arm which is a gorgeous change. 

I had such a gorgeous birthday and got the most thoughtful and elegant gifts; what a great start to life as a nineteen year old. 

Katy xoxo

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