Short Hair, Don’t Care | New Hair Day

Short Hair, Don’t Care | New Hair Day

Short hair, don’t care… Or do I. Excusing the occasional intrusion of a fringe or two i’ve been rocking the long blonde look for as long as I can remember. BUT recently I took the plunge and gave my hair a much needed trim. And then some… And then some more… AND I love it. 

Inspired by Ashley Benson, Taylor Swift, Marilyn and all the other bob rockers I took the plunge. AND, I think, it’s paid off. For a start my hair was wrecked. The ends were more feathered than a duster and it was just as lifeless. This change was inevitable SO i’ve decided to embrace it. Here is the finished look… 

So, what do you think? It’s short but still volumised. MORE sophisticated but somehow more fun. AND certainly easier to maintain. 

Since chopping my locks i’ve discovered I can still do a lot of the same styles as I did with my boho mane. NOW, however they look a lot more elegant. I suppose it’s a reflection of getting older – I certainly feel a lot more feminine and mature – weird right? I thought long hair was key to feeling confident – turns out stripping it all back is a lot more invigorating (and swishable).

My hero products so far with this new look is the Bumble and Bumble ‘Surf Spray’. This is definitely an indulgent product – and WAS courtesy of the birthday fairy- BUT I promise you it’s how I achieved the messy ‘out of bed’ texture featured above. Just sprits it onto wet hair and pray for a miracle *or a curling iron*. 

THIS is my HERO product of the minute. It adds texture but not grease. I didn’t love it with my longer hair – it made it look tangled and just added confusion instead of volume. 

BUT on shorter hair it is more concentrated and creates a really effortless wave. I would highly recommend this range. Bumble is expensive (way too expensive) BUT it works. If you have any product suggestions please leave them in the comments. Would be GREAT to hear advice from other short haired gals. 
I’ve got more short hair styles coming up soon, keep an eye out for a Marilyn look tomorrow, 

Katy xoxo

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