Urban Myth? | I think not

Urban Myth? | I think not

It’s no Urban myth. SO I am a huge fan of the Naked Palate range, I always preach to girls about the amazing versatility that can be achieved with just one of these gorgeous palates. Other than this staple, however, I haven’t really delved much into the ‘Urban Decay’ range. With the hype that has begun surrounding the new ‘Vice’ palate launch in the US I thought it was time to say good-bye to the drugstore and embrace a slightly bigger spend. Sorry mum! 

Inspired by ‘Zoella’ ’s recent post on golden eyes and berry lips I went to the Decay counter with autumnal shades in mind. I was interested in purchasing a shimmer eye-shadow primer, to combat that tell tale Naked fall out, AND a berry toned. highly pigmented lipstick. 

They didn’t disappoint. 

I was immediately drawn to the primer because of its hype on the blogasphere. I had made use of a sample sized potion before and so knew how affective it is, even when used totally sparingly – and at £16 a pop who can afford to use anything but reserved amounts? It’s brilliant though because it smooths out the crease and creates an even canvas for eyeshadow application. IT allows the make up to build but not clog your lids and helps coverage to last all day long – win win. There are an array of different shades to chose from, and i’d presume that if the palates are anything to go by there will soon be heaps more!! BUT I went for the champagne shade ‘Sin’ – designed to compliment the shade of the same name in Naked 1. It’s an iridescent and luxurious sheen that looks great when builded to and alone.

For the look pictured here I simply applied ‘Hustle’ from Naked 1 in my outer corner and through the crease. Next I added a slightly exaggerated liquid line along the lash line in Soap and Glory ‘Super Cat’ – matching it up with a darkened lower lash look. I achieved this by dipping my angled brush in ‘Creep’, again from the original Naked set. 

LIPS. This choice was easy – for a lip colour that is easily VAMPED up and softened down berry is the way forward. After the Mac girls were decidedly unhelpful – more interested in applying their OWN make up than helping me sort out mine – I turned to UD. Despite Mac being my old favourite, i’m glad I did. For the same £15 price tag the packaging is SO much more luxurious. This affected metallic and purple combo is SO eye-catching and very complimentary of the entire UD range. It makes me feel SO much better about spending a little bit more when it looks worth THIS MUCH. 

As for the shade, because, of course that’s more important than pretty packaging… DEBATABLE? I went for ‘Rapture’. An autumn based berry with bronze undertones. This lipstick is mature and earthy, a statement on its own or the perfect companion to a defining smokey eye. LOVE IT. 

ALSO. To explain what’s been going on in my life recently I have moved back to GLASGOW for university. SO it’s all change here, new job, new school year, new flat! Let me know if you want me to do a homeware blog post. I’ve found so many great and CHEAP storage solutions so let me know if you want me to do a blog post about that guys! 

That’s all for my latest impulse purchase, 
lots of love
Katy xoxo

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