Autumn Edit | Capsule Casuals

Autumn Edit | Capsule Casuals

Autumn is here – the leaves are falling off the trees all the money is draining from my bank account. 
This is a time for ‘in-betweens’; something that i’ve really come to hate. 19 year old me is constantly in a state of transition; between where I am and where I want to be (OR feel that I should be). Remember that Britney song – i’m not a girl, not yet a woman? Yeah, kinda like that without the back-up dancers. Transitional phases are not always pretty, and they usually come paired with bad moods and bad style choices- but in the fashion-sphere transition means something VERY different to me. 

AUTUMN is beautiful. Mother nature has worked her magic and made change something I am very excited about. I’ve never done a proper look book before, so this is my attempt. MY capsule colours for this ‘fall’ period are burnt reds, muted greens and vibrant yellows/oranges. Just taking a little bit of inspiration from nature I guess… The shops are packed with these not-quite winter concepts and I love them all. Here’s how I have worked some key pieces into my autumn wardrobe. SOME of them are so simple that I considered not including them, but hey – this is what I actually wear so wanted you guys to have some real insight. BASICS included. Here’s the run down for my casual capsules this season. 

First up, i’ve got a gorgeous yellow skirt from ‘Urban Outfitters’. The cord affect is quite ‘grandad-esque’ but don’t let that put you off – the button detailing and pockets give it a vintage feel. It’s high wasted so is great from day to night. Here, i’ve teamed it with a three quarter sleeve, ribbed black top from River Island. Tapestry boots from ‘New Look’ last season and THICK black tights. -remember it’s autumn and it’s v. cold!  

I’m also bringing out the winter coat again – this bright orange boiled wool coat is from Topshop last year. It’s such a gorgeous colour pop that really makes any outfit bold and exciting – I mean, how couldn’t you be excited by a colour like that? It’s stunning. HOWEVER if you want to be more subtle, something like my every-day barbour might be more like it… 

I wore my mum’s Barbour jacket from the 70s for years – it had holes in the pockets and was totally faded – but I loved it! IT did, sadly fall apart so now I have my own one, and it’s beaut. I like to turn up the sleeves in Autumn because I love the tartan lining. Underneath i’m reaping the brand and wearing my peter pan detail CK jumper. IT’s so simple and feminine and the perfect colour compliment for an autumn wardrobe. 

NEXT this is a modern vintage piece by Chelsea Girl – it’s a mock 60’s shift dress that can be dolled up and chilled down. I LOVE IT, The look can be worn with crop tops underneath to create a more laid back feel, which I often do with black/white t-shirts. BUT this is it stripped back -with some little Chelsea boots. I’m going all out MIC. 

Next up it’s my ultimate COSY cardi. This is also from Urban Outfitters. It’s been such an amazing investment. Not just because it’s freezing in my flat and I can’t afford heating… BUT because it looks so effortless, layered up or stripped back. I’m a huge fan of the gorgeous suede effect elbow patches and I love the ‘boy-friend’ slumpy fit. THE gorgeous little top i’ve paired with it is from River Island

FINALLY this is the most basic, yet still fashionable look out. I’m pairing my high wasted Topshop Joni jeans in black WITH a crop American Apparel grey and white tee. THAT’S IT. Paired with a little colour pop in my shoes I think it’s a sweet statement. TO me, this shows that you don’t always need to try that hard to look fashion-focused. 

SO let me know what you thought of these looks in the comments – i’ll maybe do an evening look book soon if you liked them! 
Lots of love guys, 

Katy xoxo


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