M.A.C | Keepsake Eye Reveal

M.A.C | Keepsake Eye Reveal

Mischief Managed. Stepping foot into MAC  is always a dangerous move…Especially IF, like me, you’re a fan of obnoxious amounts of glitter. It is also something not to be advised IF you are highly susceptible to marketing, because, trust me, this packaging is beautiful. Mac have really got it right here. They’ve combined luxury and the every day and come up with the most beautiful seasonal range. If you can’t wait to SEE the beauties, keep reading. 
Alright then, lets dive in. I picked up two products on this mini haul… Firstly the gorgeous palate pictured above. This set is simply named the ‘Smokey Eye’ trinket. THINK the love child of Naked Basics and opulent glamour. The theme of GLITTER is both a festive staple and the main feature of this gorgeous collection. The shades are neutral and classic – but the packaging is extraordinary. WHAT a beautiful pairing. 
Secondly, I picked up this beautiful glitter pigment in GOLD. I’ve always lusted after these gorgeous shimmers. They create an effervescent sheen to the eye that goes beyond that of a pressed powder. The magic of this sparkling dust is in its simplicity. It transforms a smokey eye into a statement, evening statement, PERFECT for the winter months. I can’t wait to try this out and show you all – imagine how perfect and glamorous this would look at a Christmas ball? 

I’ve attached some close ups so you can have a true look at the beauty of these festive gems. I adore the ease of these products. They make achieving Christmassy glamour simple. AND who couldn’t get excited about using such a gorgeous little set? Less basic and more, extraordinary. WELL done MAC, you’ve outdone yourself…

Let me know if you want me to feature these products in a tutorial. For now, I just wanted to share my excitement. Eeek, Christmas is coming! Bring on the sparkle. 

Katy xoxo


13 thoughts on “M.A.C | Keepsake Eye Reveal

    hehe. I love what you bought especially the gold glittery stuff I am literally obsessed with gold glittery this season I am wearing it on my eye like every day and I even have my nail done to match. Gold is my fav colour right now…..
    I am gutted they don't have a MAC store near me though but then again I'd probably be in there far too much lol. xox


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