Colour Pop | Back in the Game

Colour Pop | Back in the Game

I don’t even know how to start this post… 
I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut recently, so this is my first blast in a while, forgive! What can I say? It’s been a mad few months and sometimes life just takes over – but i’m back to update you, and distract you, with another beauty post!


Today i’m focusing on a couple of new loves. My major gripe about all high-street make up brands isn’t in their pigmentation, the texture, packaging – it’s their durability. I typically find that when you pay that little bit more it sticks around a little bit longer. BUT it’s fair to say after discovering these two products i’m eating my words. 

First, it’s a lip product – The Bourgois Rouge 
Edition Velvet. As you can see, i’ve picked these up in just about every colour. They are gorgeous lip lacquers/glosses that have the stay power of the mattest mac lipstick! I’m serious gals – get down to Boots and test for yourself. The colour range is extensive and the price point is great (around £7). These bad boys apply evenly and last all day. My favourite colour is ‘Hot Pepper’ a perfect dupe for ‘Lady Danger’ by Mac. 

Secondly, it’s a treat for your nails. I’ve seen the blogasphere blow up in light of the release of this product. Everyone went bananas for Rimmel’s new edition! However, I never understood it at first. On a basic level, i’m not a nail person – my manicure look puts the shabby in chic and with essay deadlines looming my nails are into the quick! BUT this gorgeous polish makes even my talons look good. Stays for 7 days ( does what it says on the tin) and has a gorgeous gellac affect shine! My favourite shade is the gorgeous neutral pink here.LOVE.

So there we go, some long lasting, easy application products for you buzzy bloggers! I’m sorry i’ve been MIA for a while, but thank you so much for understanding – ps, over a thousand of you now – i’m thrilled! 

Lots of love, 
Katy xoxo

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