Depop | Why i’ve Set up Shop

Depop | Why i’ve Set up Shop

Since reading #Girlboss i’ve taken to channelling my inner hustler. Self promotion is really jarring for me, it’s hard to put yourself out there and say “hey you should stop and hear what i’ve got to say”- but I guess, if you don’t do it who will? I’ve been getting myself out there more and promoting my blog and music, and man – it feels good! So this latest venture is along the same vein. I’ve set up a Depop shop! 

I’ve used Depop before as a customer and was so impressed with the service – it’s as easy as scrolling through your Instagram feed, but you can buy it! Click here, to see my last DEPOP related post – a customer review. 

My inner hustler has resurfaced and i’ve decided to set up my own online store, flogging my pre-loved dresses and accessories to make a profit and try my hand at running a little business. I’m loving it! 
Despite being a total novice i’m loving the sense of achievement that comes from someone purchasing an item – that ping that means something you no longer need (or fit in to) has made someone excited! So far i’ve only sold a few items, but i’m loving it – every bit from posting pics to wrapping to running down to the post office. 
I wrap each item in tissue paper and include a little note of thanks – because, I really am thankful! And broke, so every purchase really means a lot to me! 

It’s such an easy way to channel your inner entrepreneur and make a spare bob-or-two! I’d really encourage anyone who’s thought about setting up shop to give it a go. I’m loving it! Check out my shop @katyjjo

Lots of love

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